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J.K.U.A.T Gate B

Juja, Kenya

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Goldsmith Hall

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Our Values and Culture

Be Passionately Curious

They say that curiosity killed the cat but in our case, curiosity is the doorway to more knowledge. We encourage our students to be curious and never take anything as it is. The more they ask, the more they know. It is through curiosity that the world’s problems are questioned and solutions are developed.

Lifelong Learners

“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change and the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.” Peter Drucker--

Learning does not stop in the classroom. This is the mindset we seek to instill in our students. We are constantly learning and working to improve upon what we know hence we cannot be limited to what we learn in school.

Servant Leadership

“Real leaders are not blinded by the trappings of power but recognize their role as a servant.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu --

What comes to mind when you think of servant leadership? We seek to have our students and staff constantly think about this. In order to be able to bring change to the world, we must be willing to serve the world by caring about its problems and want to solve them.

Enjoy Learning

When our founder settled on ‘Makena’ her aim was to make children happy through learning. We believe that children learn more when they enjoy what they are doing and feel they are in a safe environment that allows them to be the best versions of themselves.

Growth Mindset

The top entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators and any successful person all have one thing in common:
They have a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset means that we view failure as another opportunity to learn and try again. Just as it took Albert Einstein 99 tries before he got it right, our aim is to instill the same mindset in our students and staff. Failure is inevitable but how we view it and what we do after, is what matters.

Respect For The Individual

We live in a diverse world where people are from different cultures and tribes. Our country alone is extremely diverse and sometimes this can bring about conflicts when people misunderstand each other.
We believe that in order to live and exist in harmony we must have respect for each other regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. In Makena, we are all on the same level and we respect and celebrate our differences.