J.K.U.A.T Gate B. Juja, Kenya

Inspiring a culture of lifelong learning and curiosity


Opposite Old J.K.U.A.T Gate B

Juja, Kenya

School Hours

08:00 - 17:00


123 456 789


Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Our Story

Our Founder

Makena School was set up in 1996 by the late Mrs. L.A. Obonyo, the proprietor, and a well renowned early childhood and primary school administrator. She had pursued a course in Early Childhood Education in Siriba Teachers College and was later employed by the Nairobi City Council and was required to set up a number of nursery schools within the city.

She first set up Parklands nursery school and later set up two other schools in Highridge and Mbagathi. In 1989, she joined JKUAT to initiate another nursery school project which stands today as Jomo Kenyatta Academy. After twenty years of experience in successfully setting up and running nursery schools for various reputable organizations, she decided that it was time to pursue her long-held ambition to start her own school. She renovated one of her rental houses in Juja into a Nursery School (which still currently houses the Kindergarten). Makena, the name of the school, attracted her as it had the connotation of happiness as was her determination to make children happy through learning.

Her aim was to design and implement a school program where a child learns the nature of the world through observation, manipulation, and exploration. The main goal was to offer quality education with a difference to the children by striving for excellence and aiming for the highest possible standards attainable for each child educationally, behaviorally and morally.

About Us

Are we preparing our students for the world? This is what we seek to answer as educators.

As educators, when we look at the current world, a lot has changed but education is the only industry
that seems to still be static. Despite all the education our students receive, are we really preparing them for the world?

At Makena School, our aim is to change this. We constantly feel challenged to ensure that our students receive the best foundation and feel prepared for the next steps of their educational journey and lives.

We, however, know that education is not only about academics, it is about developing and nurturing a culture of curiosity and learning in our students. We seek to ensure that our students are not only equipped with skills and knowledge that is relevant but that they develop a mindset that is constantly
curious and willing to learn and unlearn.

Education does not end in school, but it is lifelong and this is the kind of culture we want to instill in our students.

We aim to provide holistic education that allows our students to discover, nurture and excel in their abilities. School is not just about academics, hence ensuring that we also provide extra-curricular that allow our students to explore and nurture different interests.

We aim to be a progressive school that will lead in trying new education ideas through our inquiry-based learning methods.

In compliance with the Competency Based Curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education, we hope to inspire our students to be ‘engaged, empowered and ethical citizens that feel equipped with skills and knowledge that they need to thrive in the 21st century.’